Tungsten is one of the rare earth heavy metals. It is basically brittle as an element, but if combined with carbon forming tungsten carbide compound, it becomes the hardest among metals. With this characteristic, tungsten carbide is now becoming popular among ornament and fashion jewelry enthusiasts due to its durability and strength. Nowadays, tungsten carbide metallic alloy is now widely used as main component in tungsten rings for weddings, and for casual wear. With the introduction of tungsten rings in the jewelry industry, the decision among people on what to kind of rings to buy has been made easy. 


Tungsten carbide is an all natural metal and second hardest substance in the world.  Only diamonds are harder on the mohs scale.  Tungsten is also used in production of military grade ammunition to penetrate tanks and bullet proof items.

Along with it's amazing appearance it also maintains it's shine forever and is known a permanently polished.  because of this it makes Tungsten jewelry very popular.  Tungsten rings are not found often in Canada and ones that are are generally 200 to 300 dollars.  We here at Tungsten Rings Canada provide you those same beautiful rings at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Tungsten Rings

  • Everlasting Polished Look
  • Very Durable and Hypo Allergic
  • Does Not Tarnish
  • Does Not Scratch
  • Cheaper Then Platinum And Gold
  • Lifetime Warranties

Warranty Information

The Manufactures Cover These Rings For Ever.  Please note that if you try to damage the ring and succeed this warranty is voided.  The warranty does not cover PLATED or coated substances and only covers the tungsten carbide itself.  Some rings may have titanium mixed for coloring this would not be covered if plated.  But natural scratching,breaking or damage would be instant replacement.  Buyer is to cover shipping in that event. 

These Rings CANNOT be sized you must buy tungsten rings in proper sizes.  They can shatter like glass if sizing is attempted and may result in injury.  In Case of an emergency these rings must be removed with professional tools and cannot be cut like normal.  Please see your doctor for emergency removal.